Dr. Kurt Wermann

Dr. Kurt Wermann

Dr. Wermann has retired.

Basic Research on Syntheses and Functionalization of Novel Heterocyclic Compounds

  • Synthesis of a Novel Heterocyclic Ring System

  • synthesis of heterocyclic compounds

  • Reactions of the above System

  • reactions of heterocyclic compounds

List of Publications

  • Carbon Dioxide and related heterocumulenes at zinc and lithium cations: Bioinspired reactions and principles. S. Schenk, J. Notni, U. Köhn, K. Wermann, E. Anders*, Dalton Trans. 2006, 4191-4206.

  • Synthesis of Azolyl Carboximidamides as Ligands for Zn(II) and Cu(II): Application of the Zn(II) Complexes as Catalysts for the Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide and Epoxides. M. Walther, K. Wermann, M. Lutsche, W. Günther, H. Görls, E. Anders*, J. Org. Chem. 2006, 71, 1399-1406.

  • Novel Triazinium-Imidothioate Zwitterions: Intermediates in the Reaction of Bis[1,3,4]-thiadiazolo-2,3-d-[1,2,4]-triazolo-1,5-a-[1,3,5]-triazinium Cations with Amines. K. Wermann, M. Walther, W. Günther, H. Görls and E. Anders*, Tetrahedron 2005, 61/3, 673-685.

  • Bis(1,3,4-thiadiazolo)-1,3,5-triazinium Halides: Access to Highly Substituted Aromatic Guanidines. K. Wermann, M. Walther, H. Görls, Ernst Anders*, Synlett 2003, 10, 1459-1462.

  • Kurt Wermann, Martin Walther, Wolfgang Günther, Helmar Görls, and Ernst Anders: "Bis-(1,3,4-Thiadiazolo)-1,3,5-Triazinium Halides, 5 Formation of Triazinium-Imidothioate Zwitterions and Their Role as Key Intermediates for Novel SN(ANRORC) Reaction Pathways." European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2003, 1389-1404.

  • Wermann, Kurt; Walther, Martin; Anders, Ernst: "Bis([1,3,4]thiadiazolo)[1,3,5]triazinium halides 4: synthesis of azole-substituted guanidines and bis(azolyl)alkanes. ARKIVOC (Gainesville, FL, United States) [online computer file] 2002, 10, 24-33. CODEN: AGFUAR AN 2002:884046 CAPLUS

  • Walther, Martin; Wermann, Kurt; Gorls, Helmar; Anders, Ernst: "Bis(1,3,4-thiadiazolo)-1,3,5-triazinium halides. 3. Synthesis of guanidyl-functionalized 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetra decanes and tris(2-aminoethyl)amines: application of a novel rearrangement." Synthesis 2001, 9, 1327-1330. CODEN: SYNTBF ISSN:0039-7881. CAN 135:288767 AN 2001:527029 CAPLUS

  • Wermann, Kurt; Walther, Martin; Guenther, Wolfgang; Goerls, Helmar; Anders, Ernst: "Bis(1,3,4-thiadiazolo)-1,3,5-triazinium Halides. 2: Intramolecular Ring Transformation and Synthesis of Novel Highly Substituted Guanidines." Journal of Organic Chemistry 2001, 66(3), 720-726. CODEN: JOCEAH ISSN:0022-3263. CAN 134:237431 AN 2001:16878 CAPLUS

  • Anders, Ernst; Wermann, Kurt; Vanden Eynde, Jean Jacques: "Chemistry of N-(1-Haloalkyl)heteroarylium salts." Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry 2000, 77 183-219. CODEN: AHTCAG ISSN:0065-2725. CAN 134:162869 AN 2000:640900 CAPLUS

  • Anders, Ernst; Opitz, Andreas; Wermann, Kurt; Wiedel, Bernd; Walther, Martin; Imhof, Wolfgang; Goerls, Helmar: "Preparation and Conversion of N-Halomethylpyridinium Halides. Comparison with Related Compounds." Journal of Organic Chemistry 1999, 64(9), 3113-3121. CODEN: JOCEAH ISSN:0022-3263. CAN 131:5170 AN 1999:234625 CAPLUS

  • Anders, Ernst; Wermann, Kurt; Wiedel, Bernd; Guenther, Wolfgang; Goerls, Helmar: "Syntheses of a novel class of 5/6/5-heterocycles. Convenient routes from aldehydes to bis(1,3,4-thiadiazolo)-1,3,5-triazinium halides." European Journal of Organic Chemistry 1998, 12, 2923-2930. CODEN: EJOCFK ISSN:1434-193X. CAN 130:110240 AN 1998:791405 CAPLUS

  • Anders, Ernst; Wermann, Kurt; Wiedel, Bernd; Vanden Eynde, Jean Jacques: "Highly selective alkylation of 5-amino-1-methyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole with 1-(1-chloroalkyl)pyridinium chlorides under formation of novel geminal bis(heteroarylium) salts. A combined experimental/MO-theoretical study." Liebigs Annalen/Recueil 1997, 4, 745-752. CODEN: LIARFV CAN 126:305565 AN 1997:240137 CAPLUS

  • Wermann, K.; Hartmann, M.; Geyer, A.: "Synthesis and hydrolytic degradation of polyanhydrides with urethane bonds in the backbone." Macromolecular Reports 1994, A31(Suppl. 6&7), 1209-13. CODEN: MREPEG ISSN:1060-278X. CAN 122:114749 AN 1995:325721 CAPLUS

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